Quality Service

The quality of the Firm’s work product is of utmost importance to every lawyer and member of its support staff.

Attention and Response to Client Needs

Every client is provided with close attention to the business and personal needs, with at least one partner of the Firm having overall handling responsibilities for each client. The Firm responds quickly to its clients’ needs and fosters a strong client/lawyer relationship at all levels.

Advance Planning

The Firm uses its knowledge and experience to plan business and personal transactions for its clients and to structure transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Availability and Effective Representation

Timely assistance is often critical to its clients’ situations. The Firm is aware that availability and efficiency are important to achieve the necessary progress and its focus is on meeting these demands. The Firm also recognizes that its clients require active support as their matters progress, and is ready to assist in the decision-making process, tactics and strategy. The Firm also assists its clients to evaluate the costs and potential benefits of such decisions.

Control of Legal Costs

The legal services the Firm delivers is high quality and its fee-rates reflect the real value added to such services. The Firm is much aware of the need to control legal costs, and provides cost estimates, and issues regular statements to its clients, so they are aware of the costs.



Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call us at +357 25 800 000 or contact us at info@demetriades.com.