Corporate & Commercial

The Firm throughout its history has played a pivotal role in aiding and assisting Government agencies in developing policies and regulations for the attraction of foreign investment in Cyprus. The Firm is well placed to provide complete advice across all practice areas of business and commerce, and advise its international client base on all legal, regulatory and tax aspects of investing and establishing operations in Cyprus.

The Firm has a large corporate, tax and commercial department.  It deals with a full range of complex company and corporate matters and provides integrated solutions for its clients, which are some of the largest public companies on the island, as well as many large multinational groups operating in or out of Cyprus.

The department has been providing comprehensive and sophisticated tax advice to the Firm’s local and foreign clients for over 70 years, and its tax unit is a pioneer in this field. It includes qualified accountants who assist the units lawyers to provide the Firm’s large corporate and high net worth individuals with quality tax advice and planning solutions. The unit has substantial experience in the creation and implementation of complex and efficient tax structures, and trusts.

The department also possesses one of the largest units on the island for registering companies both in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions, has a  dedicated and specialist EU, Competition and Regulatory unit that has acknowledged experience and expertise in a whole range of EU competition matters, and maintains a Russian speaking specialist team, which  assists its Russian  speaking  clients.

Within the area of information technology, the department has wide experience and expertise in all aspects of information technology, communications, broadcasting, e-commerce and internet law. The client base of the Firm includes telecoms operators in Cyprus and overseas.  In addition, the Firm acts for a large number of manufacturers and suppliers of computer software and hardware and telecommunications equipment, as well as internet service providers and internet based entities.

The department prides itself on its ability to provide prompt and high quality services to its clients  commensurate  to their business needs.

The Corporate, Tax and Commercial department is sub-divided into a number of specialized units  whose principal areas of work are the following:

  • Aviation

    Airlines, Airports and Regulatory

    The unit advises on a broad range of regulatory, commercial and competition matters for licensed airlines (domestic and international), and for owners of aircraft in respect of purchase, registration, financing and leasing arrangements. The unit also provides advice to and acts for financiers in matters of leasing and financing of aircraft.

  • Company Formation & Administration

    Company Formation & Administration

    The unit registers companies in Cyprus and foreign jurisdictions. The unit, through the Firm’s specialised management service company, offers corporate management and administration services in respect of such companies. The unit is sufficiently manned by experienced lawyers, accountants and professional support staff which allows all corporate management and administration needs to be taken care of.

  • Energy


    The offshore industry’s presence is growing in Cyprus since the significant gas finds off Cyprus’ southern coast. Although the industry is still in its infancy as well as the regulation of the same, the Firm is monitoring developments and has been called upon to provide advice to the offshore industry in respect of projects taking place in Cyprus’ EEZ and continental shelf.

  • Insurance


    The unit advises on the formation and licensing of insurance companies and, subsequent to licensing, offers advice on a continuous basis

  • Media, Entertainment & Sports

    Media and Entertainment

    The unit provides complete and expert advice to all media and entertainment sectors, including television, film, music and production companies. Some of the Firms clients in this area are international household names. In addition the unit advises on entertainment and media financing structures.


    The unit provides a wide range of sport related legal services involving all the areas of its practice, including:

    • regulatory advice to sport bodies including disciplinary proceedings;
    • reconstructions, flotation and other schemes;
    • television contracts;
    • sponsorship contracts;
    • merchandising and product licensing;
    • stadium development and general property issues;
    • employment issues (including players contracts);
    • grant and applications for sporting developments;
    • preparation of Club Constitutions and Rules;
    • club licensing;
    • tax advice ;
  • Re-organisations


    The unit advises on all aspects of re-organisations having a Cyprus element, and whether implemented on a re-organisation, amalgamation, re-construction or de-merger basis.

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking & Finance

    We have an exceptional track record in assisting clients in all aspects of finance work and guiding them through the industry’s ever-changing legal landscape. Our specialist banking lawyers are able to advise on the structuring, documentation and negotiation of all aspects of transactional work (including the taking and enforcement of security and the regulation of financial services).

    The work undertaken by our Banking & Finance practice includes:

    Acquisition Finance

    We advise major banks and other debt providers, as well as corporate borrowers and private equity investors in the structuring and documentation of leveraged buyouts, public-to-privates, bid financing, investment grade financing and other acquisition-related financing transactions.
    Asset Finance

    We advise clients on the acquisition, finance, leasing, maintenance and sale of a range of asset types, including aircraft, manufacturing equipment and ships. Our Asset Finance practice is characterised by high value complex transactions, often with cross-border input and several layers of financing and legal structures.

    Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

    We advise financial institutions and other creditors, insolvency practitioners, company directors and shareholders on strategies for corporate recovery and all aspects of insolvency procedures, as well as pre-insolvency considerations on such matters as wrongful trading and directors’ duties.

    Our contentious insolvency team advises on the duties and responsibilities of the insolvency practitioner in the circumstances of litigation and on all forms of court application, sanctions, directions and the overturning of transactions.

    General Banking

    We advise clients on general finance advice for corporate lending (both bilateral and syndicated), refinancing, subordination and inter-creditor issues, guarantees, indemnities and performance bonds, lease, contract hire, conditional sale and hire purchase facilities, security issues and other general banking matters.

    Project Finance

    We advise banks, financial institutions and funds, export credit agencies, multi-laterals, corporates, government agencies and sovereign states on the procurement, structuring, risk management and documentation for a range of infrastructure projects covering the following main sectors:

    • Transport infrastructure, including ports, airports, roads and road management
    • Water networks and desalination
    • Oil and gas, upstream and downstream
    • Power, including renewable
    • Waste, waste-to-energy and waste management
    • Education and health
    • Property Finance

    We advise banks, other financial institutions and corporate borrowers on the financing or refinancing of the acquisition, investment or development of real property assets, the transfer of large property portfolios and other property-related structured financing transactions.

    Trade Finance

    We advise on factoring and invoice discounting in connection with general working capital facilities or other more complex acquisition structures. We also advise on documentary letters of credits, standby letters of credit, performance bonds and on all aspects of international trade finance.

  • Construction


    The unit has substantial experience and expertise in dealing with all areas of construction law practice, both contentious and non-contentious and advises a large number of construction companies both local and overseas, which engage in construction activity in Cyprus. At the same time the unit acts and/or advises employers in connection with the engagement of and the completion of projects

  • EU & Competition

    EU & Competition

    Our EU & Competition team handles contentious and non-contentious Competition Law & EU law matters. The team includes specialised and experienced lawyers who have previously worked either as officials or have gained experience with DG Competition of the European Commission and other EU Commission DGs.

    We have significant experience in dealing with all aspects of Cyprus and EU Competition Law across all industries and sectors including in relation to:

    • Advice and advocacy in relation to investigations and hearings before the Cypriot Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) and European competition authorities on all aspects of anti-competitive behavior
    • Preparing and handling Merger Control notifications before the CPC and the European Commission
    • Preparation and handling of complaints before the CPC and the EU Commission for potential violations of EU and national Competition Law
    • Appearing as advocates in proceedings before the Cypriot and EU courts against decisions of competition authorities and in Actions for Damages for competition violations.
    • Providing advice in order to ensure effective compliance with national and European Competition rules or other sectorial regulations
    • Advice and assistance with State Aid matters and complaints representation before the competition authorities in Cyprus (for both complainants and investigated entities)

    Our EU & Competition team also advises and acts in other specialist areas affected by EU law such as:

    • Consumer protection and unfair commercial practices legislation through the provision of advice and defence in investigations and hearings before the Cypriot Consumer Protection Service
    • Advising on EU Internal market issues
    • EU Russia Sanctions legislation through provision of advice and the handling of applications for licenses to the competent authorities
    • Handling of Infringement Proceedings for violations of EU law before the European Commission for complainants or third parties
    • Advocacy in proceedings before the Court of justice of the European Union including in Actions for Damages against the EU Institutions
    • Data Protection through the provision of compliance advice and handling of investigations before the Cypriot Data Protection Commissioner
    • European Environmental legislation such in relation to the Habitats Directive and related infringement proceedings before the EU Commission
  • Investment Funds

    Investment Funds

    The unit advises banks, investment houses, pension funds, insurance funds, managers and custodians on the establishment, licensing, operation and continuing compliance for funds in Cyprus.

    In addition, the unit has drafted the law in Cyprus regulating international collective investment schemes.

  • Naturalisation/Immigration


    The unit handles the full procedure for obtaining Cyprus citizenship (naturalisation) by investors in Cyprus, commencing from advising on the investment, making the investment up to obtaining Cyprus passports, Identity Cards etc.

    The unit also advises on and handles all immigration issues in Cyprus including naturalisation based on years of residency in Cyprus, obtaining permanent residence status, temporary residence and/or employment permits, for EU and third country nationals.

  • Tax


    The unit provides specialized tax advice, forms corporate entities and trusts to produce efficient tax structures on a stand alone basis, or in co-operation with international and local tax-advisers, and tax departments of leading accountancy firms

  • Capital Markets & Financial Services

    Capital Markets & Financial Services

    The unit offers advice on the regulatory and compliance requirements for credit institutions, investment firms and intermediaries operating in and through Cyprus, including advice on the formation and licensing of Cyprus Investments Firms (CIF’s).

    The unit has also acted as legal counsel to the issuers and to lead managers and arrangers in connection with the issue of bonds, notes and other securities by domestic and overseas banks which have been listed on recognized Stock Exchanges, including acting in numerous public listings in Cyprus and on other recognized stock exchanges.

  • Corporate & Commercial

    Corporate & Commercial

    The unit provides advice and complete and integrated solutions to its entire client base (in Cyprus and abroad) on a wide range of complex corporate and commercial matters

  • Insolvency and corporate recovery

    Insolvency and corporate recovery

    The unit advises in insolvencies, liquidations and restructuring of businesses either alone, or in co-operation with insolvency practices and accounting firms.

  • IT & Intellectual Property

    IT & Intellectual Property

    The unit advises on all matters of information technology, and intellectual property law.

    The IT unit acts and advises in respect of:

    • E-commerce and EDI;
    • Acquisitions and licensing of rights;
    • Development of compliance and protection programmes;
    • Data protection and privacy;
    • IP & IT due diligence and audits;
    • Broadcasting rights and regulations;
    • Internet law


    The unit also advises on all areas of intellectual property law including:

    • Acquisition and licensing;
    • Trade marks and trade names;
    • Patents and technology;
    • Copyright and design rights;
    • Copyright and design rights;
    • Internet and domain names;
    • General IP rights
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    The unit provides advice to real estate owners and developers, including investors in land, and assists and advises in the purchase and sale of both commercial and residential property and of other development projects. The unit drafts all types of sale contracts, multi-party agreements and agreements relating to major property developments such as golf courses, shopping malls, hotels and tourist projects.

  • Trusts


    The unit provides advice on the uses, creation and administration of trusts, within the context of the provision of estate planning, tax planning and asset protection advice to both corporate and high net worth individuals. In addition, the unit has been a pioneer in the utilization of trusts, and the drafting of the implementing instruments, for complex corporate structures, including complex corporate governance provisions. In addition, the unit was engaged in the drafting of the Cyprus International Trusts Law, and of the legislation for the regulation of the provision of trustee services.


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